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Our home

Sherwood Grange is a privately owned residential dwelling that dates back to the early 20th century. With continuous investment in the home and its facilities, our dedicated team constantly strive to provide the highest level of care, together with a home away from home experience. Our open door policy always welcomes visitors and those individuals who would consider making Sherwood Grange their future home. You can call Sherwood Grange Care Centre on Tel: 01623 824 601 or 01623 824 054, or you can email us at

Sherwood Grange Care Center is registered with the Nottingham-shire Health Authority and Social Services.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy at Sherwood Grange is to consistently provide the highest level of care to improve the lives of each of our residents. We customise our care packages so that they meet individual needs and we always strive to ensure that the right type of care is given to the right person. We also pride ourselves in preserving dignity, respect and removing isolation from people’s lives.

Residents have the right to privacy and confidentiality in all matters, with a safe environment and freedom of movement, where safety allows.

CQC Inspection report

Sherwood Grange Care Center is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). To view a copy of our inspection report click here.

Our Latest CQC Rating as of 16th April 2018