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We believe that exercise of the mind and body is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle, so we offer a variety of activities such as:

• Musical entertainment

• Quizzes

• Readings

• Outings

• Shopping trips

• Film screenings

• Games

• Gardening

• Garden parties and activities

• Cooking and craft sessions.

We also appreciate individuality and residents are encouraged to continue with any special interests or hobbies where possible. Of course, some would simply prefer to enjoy a cup of tea and read a good book.


Friends and family are always welcome to visit at any time and visiting hours are unrestricted. Visitors can make use of the lounges, dining room and garden areas. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Car parking is also available.


We provide an in-house laundry service, included in the fees. It is advised that all items of clothing are labelled with the name of the resident prior to admission. Dry cleaning can be arranged for an additional charge.

Hairdressing and manicures

A hairdresser and manicurist regularly visit and appointments can be booked in advance. Charges apply and are not included in our fees.


A chiropodist regularly visits Sherwood Grange. An appointment can be booked in advance. Charges apply and are not included in our fees.


Mobility and rehabilitation is key to maintaining an independent lifestyle and private physiotherapy assessments and treatment can be arranged. Charges apply and are not included in our fees.


We understand that it can be important for our residents that their spiritual needs are met, so services can be easily arranged by prior notice, with what our residents are accustomed to.

GP services

A local General Practitioner visits Sherwood Grange as required. Residents are encouraged to retain the services of their existing familiar GP if possible.


Where shopping trips alone or with family or friends is difficult, a shopping trip with a member of our team can be arranged.